Bye-Bye Winter Blues


Bye-Bye winter blues- tell us your stories and enter to win a free basket giveaway!

Although this winter has been particularly tough on me, here I am, finding myself on the upswing of the Alaskan winter blues.  I watched a video recently that kicked me in the rear and pushed me to do a little more for myself and for others.  The goodness in this video inspired me to launch a personal project.  I often get so busy with my clients that I run out of time to capture images for personal reasons.  So, I decided to team up with some great local businesses and put together a gift basket to brighten someone’s day and launch my project.

What's in the basket?

and much more!

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The personal project: 

I am looking for brave people to tell their stories of triumph, overcoming tough times and rising above.  We all need help.  Motivation, inspiration, and community can lift people up.  Will you be brave and tell your stories?  Can we photograph your victories and use them to inspire others?  Either we make an impact on the world around us, or it makes an impact on us.

I do photography as a labor of love, because I believe in something: the power to stop time and marinate in a moment of pure beauty.  Story telling is my driving force.  Beauty can be expressed in many forms.  Sometimes it’s our scars that tell the most beautiful stories.

So what is your ‘why’?  Let’s photograph it and tell some epic stories of triumph and beauty! How has someone inspired you?  How have you picked yourself up?  Will you help lift up others?

As the video says, "Life is going to hit you in your mouth and that WHY has to be greater than that knock down."

Tell me your story!

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Motivation, inspiration, what keeps you going?