Samantha and Joseph Whipple

What an honor to be a part of this wedding!  This gorgeous wedding took place as a private residence in Palmer,AK and was beautifully decorated to celebrate the union of two exceptional young adults!  It's hard enough to make it through a wedding without crying, but its even harder when you photograph a wedding filled with people you know.  I think I made it two minutes on location before I cried.  I simply love what I do and love to celebrate marriage for so  many reasons.  This wedding in particular was a beautiful representation of family coming together and a community supporting Sam and Joe as they make a commitment to each other. Sam and Joe 1

One of my favorite parts of the day was when Joe asked Sam to spin around during the first look!  He said "Let me look at you!  Wow Sam! Wow!'

Sam and Joe 2

Sam and Joe planned lots of time to play and get portraits before the wedding!

Sam and Joe 3

So many beautiful details at this Alaskan wedding!  And a super goofy family makes for fun family formals!

Sam and Joe 4



The guests arrived on a tractor pulled hay wagon.  The bride walked down the isle, over a bridge her pop built for her!

Blog Board 5

Time for lots of hot dog roasting and campfire chats!  The couple had slabs of wood for you to set next to the fire and place your drink on, genius!

Blog Board 6

More details, games, wood splitting.....and off to happily ever after!

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