Policies and Procedures

Please read carefully understanding you will held to these posted terms by booking with Studio Ardent Photography. We are happy to answer any questions or clarify anything but please do so before you book. We want to ensure you have a great experience so understanding our policies will ensure there are no surprises. 

Studio Hours: We are open by appointment only. We do have some evening and weekends available but they fill up fast. Please consider your schedule understanding most meetings and correspondence will take place during daytime business hours. We will return your call and respond to emails during the week in the day time. 

Communications: Email is our favorite way to communicate with you and offers us all the luxury of having our correspondence in one place. Although we may have initially connected with you on social media, it becomes even more important to email us moving forward. If you are given a photographers direct cellphone number please understand that text messaging is not reliable nor effective and we will not be able to respond to text messages. 

Booking: A non-refundable booking fee is required for securing our services. In preparation for your shoot/event we often have a great deal of client coordination. We coordinate with vendors for location use permits and or special permissions. Reserve and pay for an assistant if necessary. Some of our photographers have children and need to coordinate and pay for babysitters. We also need to prep and clean our gear as well as set aside time to charge all of our batteries. With a great deal of time and coordination leading up to your shoot we hope you can understand we begin to invest in you right away.

Rescheduling/Cancelations: It is next to impossible to rebook your date and we have already turned away alternate business so for this reason we are non-refundable. If you have extenuating circumstances we will work with you to reschedule. We reserve the right to reschedule any session due to photographer illness, personal emergency, or inclement weather. If a session cannot be rescheduled due to photographers cancellation, we will refund your session fee. If you have an event specific or time sensitive shoot we do expect you to book your shoot early on. If you want to shoot at the State Fair and book your session the last day, you run the risk of being rained out of your shoot. We will not refund for this reason and ask you to refocus your shoot desires. 

Inclement Weather: We live in a dangerous place and if we find the weather to be of harm to you or our staff we reserve the right to reschedule. We can reschedule your shoot to our next available opening. If this happens, please understand this may require you to take time off of work in order to meet your deadline. Weekends and evenings are prime shooting time so schedule changes may require a weekday shoot.

Missed Appointments: If you do not show up to a scheduled meeting prior to or after your shoot, we will charge you $25 inconvenience fee. Our time is valuable and with our services in high demand we all must manage our schedules well. This goes both ways and if we goof, we will make it right and offer you $25 credit. 

Missed Session: If you do not show up to your shoot or you are significantly late you will forfeit your booking fee or loose shoot time. We likely have appointments after yours and cannot extend your allotted time.

A Full session: This type of session is what we specialize in. A full session can last up to 3 hours with drive time included, however most sessions are about an hour. We will have a consultation either on the phone or in person before you shoot. You will have a chance to review our available products and get a general idea of what you would like to purchase from your session so we can shoot accordingly.

A Mini Session: A mini session offers you an opportunity to get professional portraits at a more budget friendly price point. However, in order for us to make this a profitable endeavor we have preset days and much shorter shoot times per client. Mini session specials are booked at the studios discretion and only offered a few times a year. Sessions are generally theme based and on a set date at a location chosen by the studio. We will have numerous people come that day and have their portrait taken. These are generally announced on our Facebook page so stay tuned there!

Proofs & Turnaround time: Your session will be ready for viewing usually within a few weeks after we shoot. The turn around time varies dependent on our current workload. Please express all deadlines when booking with us so we can be sure to meet them.

Post Session Ordering: One in person viewing session is included in the booking fee. In person ordering sessions are best to help you understand our products and retouching capabilities. All items ordered during your ordering session will be delivered directly to Studio Ardent Photography for quality assurance. We prefer that our clients pick up their orders directly from us. However, prints and products may be shipped to you at an additional cost, and must include insurance. We require full payment for prints and products at the end of your ordering session (via cash, check, or credit). No order will be designed or submitted until paid in full. Please refer to your order guide before you come, so we can have a productive ordering session.

Online ordering gallery: In special cases an online gallery can be created for ordering but you will need to complete your order within 2 weeks. The gallery is for proof purposes only and may not be shared publicly. Screen shots are considered a copyright infringement and unlawful. This gallery will be password protected and available for your proofing only. If you do not place your order in the allotted time you will be charged a $50 gallery reinstatement fee.

Product Turnaround Time: Greatly varies depending on our current volume of orders and vendor. We do our best to edit your order and send out for any products within two weeks from order date. Each product, lab or vendor has a varied turnaround times. Producing archival quality products take time. Some items take weeks longer as we ask to have them cure in the lab so the climate change will not affect your product when shipped.

Image and Print Quality: We provide archival-quality photographic prints and products, color corrected & calibrated to print as we see on our computer. Any digital photos you see (on our website, blog, social media sites, or that have been provided directly to you, may vary from their intended appearance, depending on your computer's display and settings. In addition, Studio Ardent Photography cannot guarantee the results or quality of photographic prints made by clients or by clients' chosen labs. For consistent, quality results, made to last a lifetime, please purchase your prints directly from Studio Ardent Photography.

Digital Images: Digital images purchased or provided are for personal use purposes unless otherwise expressed for our commercial clients. We include a print release for photographic prints only and may be printed up to 11x17 inches. These images are full frame, meaning cropping will occur when you print with most labs. Digital files may NOT be used to make your own canvases, or any other large photo products, without our express written permission. You also do not have artistic license to alter the images in any fashion.

Please back up all digital copies of your photographs in two places. We recommend an external hard drive or flash drive, as well as online cloud storage. Studio Ardent Photography will make every effort to retain your files for up to 3 months from the date of your session but cannot guarantee storage.

Sharing and social media: You cannot, at any time screen capture proof images or design proofs and fro any reason. You do not have artistic license to download images from Facebook or any other place published. Do not crop out our watermark. We can provide some images to share on social media but before an order is placed, image selection will be at the studio's discretion.

Artistic Integrity: We hold discretion for the final images we release based on many factors. Image quality, image relevance, and brand reinforcement. 

Image Quality: We will choose the images that best represent the subject and are technically sound with proper exposure. This means that we try to eliminate a great deal of redundancy. We produce stellar images of offering variety and moments so we emphasis quality over quantity.

Portrait Image Relevance: A portrait session is meant to show the genuine expression and flattering representation of a subject. That will always be our primary focus and will dictate how we spend our time on your shoot. Your desires and expectations are voiced during our consultation, and changes need to be explained ahead of time. Changing the shoot while in process is not something we can accommodate.

Wedding Image Relevance: We tell the story of the day and the emphasis is on your commitment to each-other. That will always be our primary focus and will dictate time available for other creative shots. 

Brand Reinforcement: If you like our style and how we shoot then you are in the right place. We release images that reinforce our artistic style as these images will live on as a representation of our business. Requests that we feel do not uphold our brand or are outdated may not be something we can accommodate.